Honeyville Eco-village and Nature Reserve

A vision to become a sustainable community in a biodiverse landscape


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Honeyville – a vision to become a sustainable community in a biodiverse landscape
Honeyville Eco-village and Nature Reserve is currently in the early development stages. It aspires to becoming an off grid, low impact, sustainable community and permaculture development in the Eastern Cape. Honeyville is one hour’s drive from Port Elizabeth, and 25 min from the coast between St Francis Bay and internationally known surf-hotspot Jeffery’s Bay.

Honeyville is situated inland from Humansdorp on the road to the magnificent Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve and World Heritage Site, within which seven of South Africa’s eight biomes are represented – Fynbos, Forest, Grassland, Succulent Karoo, Nama-Karoo, Subtropical Thicket and Savanna. Honeyville comprises approximately 800 Hectares of regenerating Fynbos vegetation and Subtropical Riverine thicket, and includes one of the last remnants of threatened grassy fynbos. Forty Hectares of the land was previously used for agriculture, is arable and is suitable for food gardens and permaculture development. The land has two perennial rivers, good soils and all year rainfall.

There will be two primary zones in Honeyville, a nature conservation zone and a development zone. Within the development node, which includes a limited number of sites for dwellings, a sustainable organic and permaculture enterprise will be created, with key-line dams, swales and food agro-forests. The Nature Reserve is managed under a Biodiversity Stewardship agreement with the Eastern Cape Parks Board’s Biodiversity Stewardship Programme. All dwelling sites are being sold on a freehold basis and each purchaser will obtain a separate Title Deed.

For those who want to be reduce their ecological footprint and to contribute to creating a sustainable living community, Honeyville is an opportunity to do so.


To create one of a series of significant conservation stepping stone sites between the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve and the ocean by incorporating a sustainable organic and permaculture enterprise and an indigenous knowledge site within a protected area.
And to create a self replicating, sustainable and integrated community in harmony with nature, with a high standard of living, in service of the world.

To sustainably manage the property chiefly for its biodiversity and ecological values, including the preservation of indigenous knowledge and, in a balanced manner, to create and manage a modern, self-sustaining permaculture village.
To bring together the breadth of South African diversity to consciously create and develop a holistic community that, like any natural system creates surplus energy in the form of human values, skills, products and people, that can be exported and shared with the surrounding communities, the country as a whole and eventually the whole world.

Please contact us for the Constitution which lays out the full ethos and principles of Honeyville

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Cottages and farm buildings, as well as vacant plots on which to build your sustainable eco-home, are available for purchase.

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Honeyville Eco-village and Nature Reserve Homeowners Association is responsible for promoting, advancing, regulating, maintaining and protecting the property and communal interests of the Homeowners. It functions in the same way as a body corporate of a sectional title development does. All Homeowners are automatically members of the HOA, with one vote per property.

Executive Committee
  • Prof. Nicholas King (Chair)
  • Prof. Eugen Straeuli (Vice-chair)
  • Melissa de Kock (Secretary / Treasurer)
  • John Barrett (Developer)
  • Dr Chris Cooper 


John Barrett and Karo Vollaers


Eugen Straeuli

Plot 14, "Treading Lightly"

Melissa de Kock and Nicholas King

Plot 35, Nature Reserve

Vincent Parker

Wanderer and bird expert

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