John Barrett and Karo Vollaers

John Barrett and Karo Vollaers

John Barrett and Karolien Vollaers are life partners and co-founders of Honeyville Eco-village and Nature Reserve. 

John is a sustainable designer, permaculture design practitioner and landscaper. His mantra is to “live your dream, which brings you closer to your truth and to fulfilling your destiny.” The founder of Earth Temple Designs, he designs sustainable homes in harmony with nature.

Karo is the founder of Tuareg Clothing, a qualified Nursing sister and Midwife, and a permaculture design practitioner. As a PSYCHE-K facilitator, she helps people towards self-transformation, creating space, replacing old beliefs with new self-beliefs that support unlimited potential in achieving your own potential and growth.

Both Karo and John are passionate about sustainable “off grid” living, health and well-being, and practicing mindfulness.

Karo and John are overseeing the initial development of Honeyville, to ensure that Honeyville achieves its, and their, vision.